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Acting Session          (1 hour)

Acting Session (1 hour)

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

                                                    Oscar Wilde


I have always felt strongly about the idea of being an acting coach and not an acting teacher.  Purely because I don't believe that one can be taught how to act, only reminded how to BE and to LISTEN.  


When I started my career as an actor, I knew I had potential (like everyone else) but I had a strong resistance to tap into it because I was too concerned with other things. Most of the actors I knew had the same problem, and the majority of acting classes I attended were designed to teach me mathematical like approaches, techniques and "sure-fire" ways to book the job. 


It was all nonsense. 


After twenty years of doing this, I now believe whole-heartedly in the value of an actor's uniqueness, instinct, and authentic self.  


As soon as I figured this out, my own career started moving in the direction that I wanted it to. I was working with people that I had long admired, on exciting projects, playing roles that I knew I had something special to bring to.


Before too long, I was having conversations with other actors, and as I started coaching them we began to achieve mind blowing results.


What we did was this: talked about their blocks, caused by their conditioning, and discussed ways for us to overcome them, in order to allow their own instincts to take charge and therefore allowing the actor to be totally free again.


My process is grounded in these three core principles:

  • Truth and authenticity are the only results we are aiming for. 

  • We always explore, never look for a pre-determined result.

  • We stop acting and start being.

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