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Writing Session (1 hour)

Writing Session (1 hour)

"Why do I need a writing coach?"


If you're aiming to get your work read by potential agents, actors, producers, directors and other collaborators, then you really should find a good writing coach.


Almost all of us benefit from a mentoring relationship in order to develop our skills. Most writers learn from other writers and their work. Even writers with a lot of experience and strong writing skills can benefit from working with a coach. 


If you’re an aspiring writer, you’ll want to consider a potential writing coach carefully to ensure your own process benefits from an experienced writer who has navigated their own way in the industry successfully and has standing and recognition within the industry.


A great writing coach is the best way to achieve your writing goals. One-on-one mentoring means you get dedicated help with your own work, going beyond what MA programs or standard writing courses can offer you in order to get you closer to finishing that script.


As your coach, I will be cheering you on every step of the way,  thrilled and delighted as we tick off your writing goals, develop your skills, complete a first draft, submit it to literary agents and producers, and achieve whatever ambition you have.


You’ll not only have a coach you can return to again and again as you get further into the process, but you’ll have a friend and cheerleader in the writing community.

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